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Hello! I'm Tiger Lily, I like to ponder things and eventually put those thoughts into words. As a child, I liked interviewing adults using a miniature notebook, collecting things - arranging them in categories - and photographing them looking all neat and ordered. I think that's what my brain likes to do with my thoughts and what this blog does for my brain. I wanted to share these curiosities with you because I think it's important to question things and I like hearing what people think about things... It helps me work out what I think about things.

Born in London, where I lived in Brixton until I was 9, my family moved to Somerset. So I’m a city and country kind of girl. Moving to Barcelona aged 18, I bounced around for a while after that, from Bristol to Brighton, and back again, meeting lots of people. I organised my first gig aged 17, and by 20 had set myself up as an independent music business. 

Through Tiger Lily Productions, I have been an artist manager and promoter, producer of stages and spaces at many festivals, and project manager for charities Help Musicians, Love Support Unite, and organisations such as the Akram Kahn company and The Nest Collective.

I continue to create 'good things that are good for people' as a freelance creative producer, contributor and collaborator on things like creative strategy, copywriting, and content. I currently produce the Balance Garden podcast, contribute to regenerative food blogs, Farms To Feed Us & Farming The Future, and collaborate with musician Nick Manasseh.


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